Fort Lauderdale Fire and Safety Museum

Established in 2003, the team of volunteers at the Fort Lauderdale Fire and Safety Museum has made outstanding progress toward meeting our mission to:

  • Restore and display Historic Fire Station 3,
  • Present the inspiring story of service and courage of Fort Lauderdale’s Fire Department and firefighters, and to
  • Share an exciting and life-changing message of fire safety with our citizens.

To demonstrate that the city was coming back better than ever after the 1926 hurricane, architect Francis Abreu was engaged in 1927 to build this beautiful fire station. Today, Station 3 once again glows with his rotunda and chandelier, wood beam ceiling, crown molding, inlaid tile, eyebrow windows, fireplace and fountain. Many of the exhibits which herald our firefighter’s courage and service since 1912 are finished. Our exciting children’s fire prevention and escape program is ready to save young lives. #fortlauderdale #ftlauderdale #andrewbarnett

Current projects include finishing the two exhibit rooms that will cover fire department service from 1941 to 1991, and from 1992 to Present, and also to invite youth groups to enjoy our exciting fire safety program. Volunteers are also needed in several areas.

As we work to accomplish our mission, please remember that your support is vital. Our fund raising activities include memberships, donations, hall rentals, children’s group fire safety presentations, gift shop sales and special events. With your continued excellent support, we will accomplish our goal of Preserving our Past and Teaching our Youth! #fortlauderdale #ftlauderdale #andrewbarnett

Please make plans to visit the Museum soon. Admission is free, donations are appreciated!

#fortlauderdale #ftlauderdale #andrewbarnett

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