Museum of Discovery and Science

The Museum of Discovery and Science is a museum located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is one of the largest museums of its kind in Florida, and has the most visitors of any museum in the state.[citation needed] The museum features its own AutoNation IMAX theater, and shows 3-D IMAX films in which viewers wear special glasses and headsets. The museum also features a number of “ecoscapes“, as well as a simulated ride to Mars, a simulated airboat ride in the Everglades and a MaxFlight airplane simulator. Among the more popular aspects of the museum are the quantity and variety of Floridian animal species on display.[citation needed] The public are allowed to get quite close to the animal life such as otters, baby alligators, turtles, and a sea turtle, and the museum frequently has organized animal-centered demonstrations, or more informal meet-and-greets with native and exotic Florida fauna. #fortlauderdale #ftlauderdale #andrewbarnett

Other than the animals on display, the Museum of Discovery and Science currently features a Discovery Center for ages 7 and under, Go Green exhibit, Runways to Rockets including airplane simulators and information about space, Powerful You! exhibit, minerals and rocks on display, games, puzzles, Explore Store, food concessions, and a moving exhibit. The Museum of Discovery and Science moved to its current location in downtown Fort Lauderdale in 1992. The “Great Gravity Clock” in front of the entrance is one of the main features of the museum and is one of only three in the world. The other two are in Japan and Mexico. The museum plays host to birthday parties, (sea) turtle walks and camp-ins, and has its own summer camp. #fortlauderdale #ftlauderdale #andrewbarnett

The Museum of Discovery and Science also funds a volunteer program that allows children and adults alike to give back to the community. The IMAX theater features a 4980 square foot screen and currently plays both 2-D and 3-D movies. The five-story-high screen is the largest in South Florida. The museum also hosts many special event activities such as the annual “Food and Wine Gala” to raise money.

If you are travelling with younger visitors then don’t miss the chance to visit the Museum of Discovery and Science which spans two floors of fun attractions. Many of the exhibits here are interactive and the aim is to teach young ones all about science in an exciting and engaging manner.To that end, just some of the hands-on features here include a Moon and Mars simulator as well as a pilot simulation where you get to sit in the cockpit and drive your own jet.There is also a fossil dig that will let you learn about prehistoric Florida, as well as a live animal show and an EcoDiscovery Center.

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