How to Be Productive at Work

Remaining productive at work is necessary for the success and growth of any business, regardless of the industry you are in. Cultivating a few particular habits helps to drastically increase productivity without diminishing your ability to maintain a work and life balance. If you don’t already follow these five suggestions, consider implementing them into your routine and see if they make a difference.


Track Your Time and Task Completion


One of the best methods of improving your workplace productivity is by keeping better track of your time spent working. At the same time, track the progress of your daily tasks. Utilize both desktop and mobile applications to keep track of your work each day, and use those to see where you most succeed in managing your time. Find the app that fits your individual needs so that you are capable of getting done within your work time.


Create Deadlines on Your Own


Designating self-imposed deadlines on yourself is another way to help manage your workflow better while improving your overall workplace productivity. Setting deadlines for yourself is a way for you to ensure you are on track to complete any work or project you have in mind for the day, week, or month. Having a project deadline is one thing, but making your own schedule within that will be extremely beneficial, especially when you have multiple projects due on the same day.


Take Breaks Regularly


Set regular break times for yourself throughout each work day, even when you are busy or overwhelmed with the amount of work you still need to tackle. Without proper breaks to rest your mind and body, you are much more likely to experience a burnout or become unable to properly deliver the results necessary for your work and any task at hand. Regular breaks allow you to work more efficiently. Consider the “25-5 rule.” Work intensively for 25 minutes, and give yourself 5 minutes for a break after.


Avoid Unnecessary Meetings


If you are not always required to attend meetings, consider skipping the most unproductive gatherings. Many office meetings are not crucial for you to attend, and often will include an email detailing everything you just discussed. Before your next upcoming meeting, inquire about whether or not it is required to attend and instead, suggest working on completing a more important task or project with the available time.


The Two-Minute Rule


If a task in the workplace is achievable in two minutes or less, always complete it immediately. Setting a two-minute rule for tasks helps to alleviate a buildup of potential stress by putting off simple tasks over a period of time. It’s an easy way to feel accomplished and to start crossing things off your to-do list almost right away.


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