Andrew Barnett is an entrepreneur based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For over twenty years Andrew has worked in a number of industries and owned numerous business. Today his main focus is Andrew Barnett Mergers and Acquisitions, which he has owned for two years. Throughout his career, Andrew has focused on business development and management. Before starting his life as an entrepreneur, Andrew earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Penn State University. Andrew looks forward to continuing to grow as an entrepreneur and increasing his knowledge of various industries.

Over the course of his career, Andrew Barnett has worked in various roles. Early on in his career, Andrew was particularly drawn to the tech industry. At one point he worked as an Apple RMA Engineer. While employed in this position he helped create tamper-proof stickers which Apple used to discourage customers from opening units without authorization. Later, Andrew worked as the President of a computer company named Instead. The company developed a computer that featured a PC and Macintosh in one package. After working at Instead, Andrew helped develop data recovery software and then served as the Vice President of Laser Disc systems. In addition to his work in the tech industry, Andrew also has extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

Earlier on in his career, Andrew’s father purchased a bankrupt business and put him in charge. His father did this because he wanted Andrew to learn how to work his way out of a problem. Andrew entered a situation of disgruntled employees and unhappy vendors, but he was able to turn the situation around. The experience was unforgettable. It prepared Andrew to deal with a wide variety of issues that entrepreneurs face over the course of their careers. Going through this situation so early on in his career helped to make Andrew a stronger entrepreneur and a smarter business owner.

Outside of work, Andrew Barnett enjoys skiing with friends and family. Not only is skiing a lot of fun, but the sport has also taught Andrew a lot of lessons about how to succeed in life and business. The most important lesson that skiing has taught Andrew is that no matter how many times you fall you have to get back up and try again. This lesson is an especially important one for entrepreneurs to keep in mind throughout their careers. Vail, Colorado; Park City, Utah, and Aspen, Colorado are some of Andrew’s favorite skiing destinations.