5 Ways to Stay On Top of Emails

The average person receives so many emails these days that managing them can feel like another job. We check them around the clock since we have access to them on more than just computers now. Our phones, tablets, and even watches are all platforms we can use to check our emails, and it can get overwhelming very quickly. It’s an amazing feat of technology to be able to do this, but at the same time, we are facing some consequences. Getting burned out on the job, becoming addicted to checking our phones, and losing energy are all side effects of the constantly-available information. Here are 5 ways you can more efficiently stay on top of your emails without falling victim to those traps.


Set Boundaries

Even at work, it is important to set boundaries and eliminate distractions. Turn off all notifications on your phone and other electronic devices so you can focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking drains the energy reserves in your brain and when you are bombarded with notifications it’s hard to remain focused on the task at hand.


Make Email-Only Time

Setting aside a specific time of the day to take care of your emails will enable you to handle them more efficiently. Equally as important: know that when the time is up. When that time goes off, you’re done. You can also let people know of the times you spend on your email so they can get ahold of you more effectively.


Respond According to Urgency

You likely get many emails on a daily basis; it’s one of the primary means of communication. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to respond to every single one with the quickness of a lightning strike. Prioritize your emails and deal with them accordingly. This will lessen the stress surrounding them and keep you organized.


Opt for Other Forms of Communication

If appropriate, make a phone call, set up a lunch, or use another communication platform like DropBox or OneNote to keep everyone in the loop. Seeing people in person helps strengthen the relationship and makes the message more personal than an email, too, which is the added bonus.



We all have those mailing lists we became a part of at one point but never actually check. Unsubscribe from them and declutter your inbox! Sometimes you don’t realize how many you’ve signed up for and our inbox ends up looking like a mess.


Managing your emails without the stress doesn’t have to be a challenge! Just remember to remove distractions, set aside time to address emails only, and eliminate from your inbox what you don’t need. Good luck!

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