7 Tips for a Better Office Space

Keeping employees engaged and productive is paramount to successful businesses. However, even the most dedicated employees can suffer from loss of focus and productivity slumps. Surprisingly, the key to keeping employees focused, engaged, and productive is as simple as creating a better office space.


Keep the design simple.

Skip the motivational posters and inspirational quotes. Opt instead for simple design elements: clean lines, muted color palettes, and only a few curated art pieces. Whenever possible allow for natural views rather than cluttering the walls with too much stuff.


Color matters.

There have been countless studies about the impact of color on moods, so it’s important to make sure that the color choices on walls speak to creating a better office space. Blues increase productivity and yellows increase creativity. Just make sure to choose soft muted hues in matte finishes.


Use lighting appropriately.

Go beyond fluorescent lighting and opt instead for light sources that most closely resemble natural light. If possible, make sure as many workspaces as possible have access to window views. Making the office space brighter and lighter — but not too bright — will make employees feel more alert and make work easier.


Bring in plants.

Believe it or not, plants do increase productivity — by up to as much as 15%. In 2014, a study performed in the UK found that plants help employees feel more engaged, increased workplace satisfaction and perceived air quality.


Pay attention to noise.

One employee’s music is another employee’s distraction. Ambient sounds or white noise tend to be the most neutral and, when played at around 60-70 decibels, can improve productivity. Do allow employees to listen to their music — through headphones, of course.


Make room for movement.

Short bursts of activity improve focus and productivity. Create opportunities for employees to get up and move around. Sit-to-stand desks are helpful, but if they aren’t in the budget simply moving the copier to farther away can offer a great way to get up and move around.


Schedule a daily clean up.

Clutter, contrary to popular belief, is a creativity and productivity killer. Vast amounts of time are wasted looking for misplaced things among the clutter. Scheduling time each day to clear away the clutter goes a long way toward creating a serene productive office space.


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