How to Accomplish More in Less Time

There is more and more pressure to be as productive as possible in small amounts of time, and yet, the day isn’t getting any longer. If you’re wondering how to make the most of your work day and really let your productivity shine, here are some quick and easy tips to capitalize on your time.


Compose Smarter Lists suggests making a to-do-list with the top five priorities as the main boxes to check and leaving all other tasks under those five. This way you won’t forget any of the smaller loose ends you need to tie up, and you also won’t lose sight of which things are most important to complete if it comes down to choosing between tasks.


Try to order the items on your to-do-list so that any time-sensitive goals are at the top, ordered by deadline. Leave any tasks that don’t have a set time limit for the bottom of the list.


Determine Whether or Not Multitasking is Actually Helping


While multitasking is a buzzword that many employers prioritize when looking for ideal employees, studies are suggesting that multitasking might not be as helpful as once thought. Forbes warns against trying to perform multiple tasks at once because it can lead to a lack of efficiency, attention to detail, and quality control.


It might be tempting to attempt to get many tasks done simultaneously, but you should stay alert for drops in the quality of your work. If it feels like trying to juggle more than one task at a time isn’t getting you anywhere, it’s probably true. In that case, it’s best to pull back, regroup, and figure out which task is most important to complete first.


Outsource What You Can


Especially if you work from home or in any capacity that would label you an entrepreneur, outsourcing can save hours of valuable work time and energy. If your office has interns, you can utilize their help by giving them tasks that don’t involve a higher skill set. That way, you’re freed up to work on specific, more complicated things.


Outsourcing which tasks will depend on you, your business, and your day, but some tasks to consider outsourcing include laundry, dishes, babysitting, lawn care and grocery shopping. If you can pay someone else to do it and use that time to make more money working, you will come out ahead quickly and with less personal stress.

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